In Today’s Dynamic and Competitive Global Marketplace, Excellence is not an Option - It is an Essential for Business Success.

“Operational Excellence is achieved when each and every employee can see the flow of value to the customer, and fix that flow before it breaks down.”

Institute of Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is a strategy for growth and is vital for sustained profitability.

Organizations that fully leverage operational excellence routinely achieve improved lead-times, greater flexibility and higher levels of responsiveness – and can capitalize on each to gain competitive advantage and expand market share. Although operational excellence is traditionally viewed solely as a strategy for cost reduction, CAGROW offers a broader perspective.

Our Operational Excellence model helps apply industry good practices with respect to Asset Design, Management, Risk and Value. It gives a company the benefits of lower costs, increased efficiencies, fewer injuries, maximum sustainable returns on operating assets and an enhanced competitive position.

Our Operational Excellence model is our differentiating factor from others. We believe in doing, not just planning. We believe in process, not just projects. We believe in people, not just resources.

Our Operational Excellence system of service is based on Four “multi-element” foundation blocks:

  • Asset Design
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Risk
  • Asset Value

And Four Enablers:

  • Leadership & Cross-functional Alignment
  • Policies, Processes, Procedures & Systems
  • Corporate Culture
  • Customer Focus

Each of these Foundation Blocks Contain a Number of Specific Elements – 25 in all – Which We Apply to Each Client’s Situation as Applicable. Our Solution is Based on the Following:

  • Recognize each client’s uniqueness, while providing a continuum of closed-loop, systematic approaches
  • Customize a client-specific approach that leads to sustainable competitive advantage
  • Identify gaps in operations strategy, deployment, and execution
  • Actively help clients to fix what is broken and make the changes needed so it does not break again
  • Combine the best management processes and a culture-change model to provide an integrated solution
  • Perform at multiple levels – from very concise to very broad, with a range of services as basic or detailed as required
  • Facilitate transfer of knowledge and capabilities by offering personal coaching and mentoring

“Operational excellence is achieved when all efforts throughout the organization are in a state of alignment for achieving its goals and where corporate culture is committed to continuous & deliberate improvement of company performance and the circumstances of those who work there – to pursue operation excellence by design and not by coincidence.”

Joseph F Paris Jr., XONITEX group