The goal of implementing a successful Turnaround shall be achieved by conducting a robust assessment of the turnaround strategy, risk assessment and planning process prior to the execution of the turnaround itself.

We have highly experienced Project Managers, Planners, Schedulers, Engineers, Supervisor and other staff for successful planning and management of turnarounds. The skills are used in management of turnaround projects of varying degrees of complexity, ranging from a single unit to an entire plant.

Most of CAGROW’s Senior Team Members have more than 25 years of experience, in the Middle East and elsewhere. We know what to look for, what to expect, what to do and what not to do, to identify and mitigate risks, and to bring in a fast-track turnaround job on time, safely, accurately, and cost-effectively.

CAGROW ensure the following benefits for our clients.:

  • 10 to 20% shorter duration of turnarounds
  • 10 to 20% more work in the same duration of turnarounds
  • A substantial decrease in start-up time of facilities
  • Achieving steady output days earlier
  • Reduced waste and increased output
  • Eliminating rework for correcting unsatisfactory work
  • Better resource utilization and volume of acceptable work
  • Determined quality, safety consciousness and implementation
  • Overall cost reduction on labor, materials, and rentals


Turnarounds are extremely challenging activities which if not planned and executed efficiently, can become highly expensive, potentially costing an organization millions of dollars per day. However, when executed effectively and with the right strategic partners, expertise, know-how and relevant experience, turnarounds result in benefits such as minimizing unexpected events that lead to unnecessary costs or losses, reducing the potential for risks related to HSE, and ensuring the sustainability of operations with minimum interruptions. CAGROW offer the following turnaround management services:

  • Developing contracting strategy
  • Scope and work breakdown structure development
  • Core team development for work planning
  • Constructability
  • Risk management
  • Readiness reviews
  • HSE and hazard analysis
  • Document Management
  • Subcontractor resourcing and management
  • Material management and procurement services
  • Progress reporting system
  • Commissioning, turnaround completion and close out
  • Post project reviews and lesson learned exercise


CAGROW recognizes that planning of the turnaround work scope is an integral key factor to a successful turnaround in terms of resources, duration and cost. The Turnaround for a plant includes work scope done repeatedly over years and new non-standard activities including plant changes, upgrades and longevity related items. By smartly combining those into networks, control can be exercised to prevent excessive man-hour and resources. This task include the following:

  • Primavera Systems (P6) usage
  • CMMS history access
  • Turnaround logic development
  • Development of milestones
  • Planning, scheduling and integration
  • Critical path analysis
  • Resource identification and loading
  • Cost planning
  • “What If?” analysis
  • Productivity, regression analysis and cost report


The cost of a turnaround, irrespective of the type of contract, is a function of the volume of work performed. As the budget is prepared prior to knowledge of the full scope of work, a comparison with actual costs is by itself not a correct basis for analyzing a saving (or extra) in cost terms. To ensure potential cost savings, the following are required to be applied:

  • Mobilize competent workforce for the turnaround
  • Always ensure high productivity and idle times are minimized
  • Ensure good coordination between different work groups
  • Reduce resource levels required to a minimum and maximize productive hours available
  • Ensure work to be correctly done first time with minimum repetition
  • Work planned in correct sequence
  • Ensure scope of work is fully known and understood
  • Create balance between day and night work


HSE objectives shall be pre-determined for the turnaround and competent HSE staff shall be hired to ensure effectively communicate and execute corporate HSE program. Waste management and disposal shall be a key ingredient of overall HSE plan. Workplace safety talks, safety audits, advanced safety audits, near miss reporting and safety exercises shall all be performed to raise the standard of site safety and awareness. Key objectives include:

  • Project-Specific HSE Plan as per corporate HSE goals
  • Compliance with all the applicable HSE Legal/Regulatory requirements
  • Protect personnel from any health hazards that may be associated with the work
  • Zero lost time injuries
  • Task Risk Assessment and daily safety meetings
  • Maintain all required safety and quality documentation to comply with OSHA and other regulations and requirements
  • Improve HSE culture among all workers including contractors
  • Reduce environmental impacts and improve performance regularly


Some critical success factors for turnarounds and considering Covid-19 pandemic situation are as follows:

  • Remote working with experienced people where government policies limit travel and gathering
  • Competent manpower selection with sound health particularly considering clinical heath issues and age factor
  • Quality work packages and drawings
  • Site survey by competent planning and design engineers to collect and record as built drawings
  • Reliable T&P deployment
  • Using high quality rigging plans
  • Training of workers for Permit to Work and HSE management
  • SIMOPS management
  • Challenging the critical path by an experienced turnaround team to arrive at the best solution
  • Contractors/sub-contractors’ coordination and management
  • Detailing and accuracy of supervisors’ workbooks contents
  • Timely delivery of Long Lead Items and other materials